What is Love?

Love is a powerful emotion.

Romantic love inspires music, poetry, and movies.

Parental love protects and provides for their children.

Love from close friends provides bonds of support.

Love can also be fleeting when hearts are broken, warmth turns cold, and disappointment sets in.

What is Love?

A desirable love is patient and kind, never resentful or rude.

But the most powerful form of love is commitment - when promises are kept, and complete trust is earned. Because in that love, there is hope, peace, and contentment.

Our hearts yearn for this type of love that is rarely — if ever — received by others.


What if there is a love that never fails?

It’s been said that there is no greater love when a person sacrifices themselves for a friend, loved one, or country.

God’s perfect love is demonstrated with Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. This was a promise kept. This necessary action on our behalf was done so that we may have life. All sins are forgiven, no matter how big or small. And by this one sacrifice, we receive a love that never fails.

What is true love?

When it rejoices with Truth that is perfect and reliable.

Celebrate God's love with us!


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Are you searching for love?

Like a mist, love can dissipate leaving us disappointed and empty. Can there be a love to fill that void that is patient, kind and never fails?

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